Posted on 17 December 2018


Those who ride by here from time to time may have noticed the change in our corporate tagline. “Premium Financial & Corporate Translations” has become “Financial Translations & Copyediting”. Fear not, we still achieve a quality of service that our clients would call “premium”. But for the sake of space, it had to go so we could make room for (drum roll) … copyediting.

This reflects a change in our services, with a small but significant portion of our business now represented by high-value English language editing.

The term “copyediting” has many definitions. But to be clear, here is a summary of the English editing tasks that we regularly carry out:

– Substantive editing: we rewrite texts written by non-native speakers

– Copyediting: we check spelling, punctuation, references, URLs and internal consistency on documents that are basically well written (or which have undergone a substantive edit)

– Proofreading: this is the final check before the document goes to print or is posted on the web

For most clients, we carry out tasks 1 and 2. We do a substantive edit and then come back to the document (preferably after a night’s rest) to copyedit it. Proofreading is an oft-neglected service but we’d advise it on every type of high-visibility text.